Sunday, August 01, 2004

huhuhuhu tumben neh pengen posting..
padahal otak lagi blank
ga tau mo nulis apaan..
tiba tiba aja kangen pengen liat blog sendiri,
pengen posting.. pengen brows and baca2 blog orang
padahal sebelum nya wuihh males bangeett
liat blog sendiri aja ga pernah..
apalagi liat blog orang.. ehehehe
biasa penyakit lagi kambuhhh..
ngeblog nya mood mood an

duh duh binun..nulis apaan yah..lieur ahh
udahan ajah.. mo nyanyi duluw ahhh

I'm holding on waiting for your call
It's simple but i can't explain this
I'm sinking down i feel like i could die
I'm falling off i don't know why

I still believe it when you say
It's another perfect day
Another perfect day

So I might try to leave it all behind
I know tommorow's not so bright now
I'll say goodbye cause nothing good can last
you wear and figured no where fast
and today I don't know how too keep it all inside
but I guess I'll let it slide

today I don't know why
I thought that it was real
but I guess it's no big deal

I don't know how
to let it slide